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The Law of Generosity

January 27, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Chris Pollock Series: Epiphany: Moments of Enlightenment

Scripture: Nehemiah 8:1–8:3, Nehemiah 8:6–8:6, Nehemiah 8:8–8:10

Sermon Title: The Law of Generosity

Speaker: Pastor Chris Pollock

Sermon Series: Epiphany: Moments of Enlightenment 

Short description: After life in exile, where an evil dictator declared himself the law, the people of Israel rejoiced in the  security and freedom of God's Law. And we too are invited to experience the I AM who establishes boundaries for our good and our safety. But God has not limited his generosity to words only; Jesus is the fullness of God's law and God's love for us.

Scripture references: Nehemiah 8.1-3,5-6,8-10