Worshiping Sundays at 5pm | 701 NW 8th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Our 8th Street Dreams

Even before our church began, we knew we wanted to restore an urban building as part of our vision as a church of the city. We want to make something old, new again. The restoration of this building is a physical sign of the restoration we want to see in our parish and our city.


“What better place for God to do his Eighth Day work than on 8th Street? We dream of God making all things new – people, relationships, systems and structures – and we want to be a part of it.”

– Pastor Michaele LaVigne

“It is a wonderful feeling to restore something to its true glory; to resuscitate it and rekindle its vitality. But my dream is more than the building. I dream of a church where we know the people around us, not just their names, but the stories of their lives.”

– Evan Mosshart


“I have a vision beyond the beauty of the stained glass stories. It’s an outdoor kitchen with blenders and griddles and a coffee barista and grills with the deep breath aromas drifting throughout the neighborhood. It’s drawing us; 8th Street Church, to dine, to dance to a rhythm that feels different, yet familiar...Home.”

– Sherri Pat Rothwell

"Early on in this church project, we started to pray for a home for our church. We wanted something with a story, that could root us in a neighborhood. Our dream is to reimagine what the church can be – we want to be a people of acceptance and belonging… we want to build a place to gather, pray, tell stories, share struggles, celebrate together, and serve… we call this kind a place – a church – which is just another way to say, 'We want to provide a home for those who need it.'"

– Pastor Chris Pollock

We want to hear your dreams, too! Use #8thStreetDreams to tell us how you're dreaming about life in the 8th Street Church.