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Our 8th Street Story



The 8th Street Church, located at 701 NW 8th Street, was constructed by the First German Methodist congregation in 1907. It is a small building – only 7500 square feet – but it was built with care and craftsmanship. Originally it included 19 handcrafted pews and a Hinners pipe organ that was damaged in the Murrah Bombing in 1995. An original oil painting depicting Jesus’s Walk to Emmaus remains in the church today. There are 22 stunning Jacoby stained glass windows with one panel inscribed in German: “Donated by Anton Classen, in memory of his mother.” In its most recent days, it was the home of Skyline Urban Ministries.

In 2011 St. Anthony Hospital purchased 8th Street Church with the intent of preserving it, although they did not have any immediate plans for the building. One member of our congregation was familiar with the building and the area, and in early 2015, mentioned it as a possible future home for the new church. As conversations began between St. Anthony and Midtown Church, we found that we were both interested in helping to create a neighborhood church and make an old building new again.

Although it took another year to finalize the purchase agreement, individuals outside our congregation began to hear about this dream and invest to make it a reality. In the fall of 2016, St. Anthony Hospital offered to sell The 8th Street Church for the same price they paid in 2011, which is $350,000. The project total is $1.7 million, but by God’s grace and the generosity of others, we had received half that amount before the purchase agreement was signed!

The story of the 8th Street Church is far from over. We are proud and humbled to be a part of the next chapter of God’s work on this corner of the city.

You can be a part of this story, too. Will you join us?

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