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Good Old Words

When Pastor Chris and I started working together toward the vision of a new church in Midtown, we knew we weren't really doing anything "new." In fact, we talked a lot about very old things and how we could reimagine them in a new place. This included "old" words that we wanted to reclaim so that they could provide language to guide a new, old church. Certain words have be...

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Andy's Resurrection Story

Each week in worship we take time to hear one story of good news from someone within our congregation or our city. During the season of Easter, we asked each storyteller to share how he or she had experienced, witnessed, or participated in resurrection in their own life or in others. Andy shared his story on Sunday, May 13, but there is more to his resurrection experience ...

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A Prayer for Mothering Sunday


I've had a complicated relationship with the second Sunday in May. For most of my life it was a day to celebrate my own mom, who is everything I hope to be in a mother and the kind of mother I wish everyone had. But when I began to know others who received deep emotional wounds from their mothers, the day of celebration was tinged with the sadness of their pain. Over the ...

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Why We Open the Doors

On Ash Wednesday of 2017, I waited in the sanctuary of the un-remodeled 8th Street Methodist Church. As the light burst into the room from the 110-year-old stain glass windows, I realized I was in sacred space. In that space, worship services were held, babies were baptized, brides were given away, vows were taken, communion was received, songs were sung, the poor were car...

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The Drug of Busyness vs. The Practice of Obedient Action


In this first tumultuous and devastating week of Lent, I've been reminded (again) thatI don't do well with sitting still. Especially in times of grief or chaos or pain I find myself with this urgent sense todosomething about it. Fix it. Help it. Prevent it from ever happening again. I want to call legislators, write articles, post and comment on social media, organize...

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Staying Awake: An Advent Reflection

As part of my slow-down-in-Advent practice, I've joined a group to practice Lectio Divina together once a week. Each Monday they gather at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, and one of their pastors leads us in reading and meditating on the lectionary text for the coming Sunday. As I spent time with the words of Jesus in Mark 13.24-37 last week, I was struck by this scen...

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Texas Tragedy

ANOTHER MASSACRE, SUTHERLAND SPRINGS CHURCH I am tired of writing letters and blogs making statements regarding our position on these kinds of tragic events. As a result of the last shooting in the Texas church, we brace ourselves, scrambling for answers. But the answers given weren't satisfying to us in past, are still not satisfying. In fact, we find ourselves to be...

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Sweet C's 8th Street Dreams

While restoration is underway at the 8th Street Church, we are sharing the dreams God has given us for the 8th Street building and our new neighborhood. Sweet C first shared his 8th Street Dreams with us in song during our service on September 17, 2017. He said that Pastors Chris Michaele and The Wallflowers provided inspiration for this song. DREAMING OF 8TH STREET By ...

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What is the Function of the Bible?

Over the next few weeks, we are discussing big questions about the Bible. We will be adapting our sermons for this blog. This is part three of our sermon series, "Questions About the Bible". We're spending time on these questions of the Bible becauseThe Bible is our primary tool for worship. We are unapologetic in this as it has held a central place in Christi...

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What is the Bible & Where did It come from?

Over the next few weeks, we are discussing big questions about the Bible. We will be adapting our sermons for this blog. This is part two of our sermon series, "Questions About the Bible". Where do we begin to tell the story of how the Bible has come to us? First, we need to remember the order of how God's revelation has always come to us: God RevealsGodsel...

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