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Archives for July 2016

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Deep Roots

This summer we've been talking about our church's vision and mission. We say it every week in service: We will be a spiritual community of hope and transformation that lives the way of Jesus. This desire and identity permeates our activities and directs our decisions. It's why we are focused on being Good and Useful Neighbors, why we want to Create Connection and Community...

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A Corporate Confession

On Sunday, July 10, our congregation prayed this corporate confession together. In confessing our sin, both individual and corporate, may we find freedom and forgiveness. In receiving God's grace, may we find the joy and hope of transformation. And as we are made more like Christ, may we join the work of Christ, so that our world may be healed. Gracious God, we your Churc...

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Pastor Chris's Notes from Vacation: Our Father, Kevin Durant, Economics, and Violence in Baton Rouge

I've been on vacation this week. It's the first vacation I've had since we started the new church. While on vacation, I try to unplug; see how far I can get off the grid. It's important for me to put my burdens down for a bit and rest. I've struggled putting them down this time. I love my church. I love my city. I think that's why I'm burdened. Since I've been gone, a l...

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The Dancing God

This is Part 4 of our Vision Series. To catch up, click here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. There they were, 120 of them. They were in hiding. Tucked in an upper room somewhere in Jerusalem, praying. But that day the prayer meeting was interrupted by a sound they had never heard before; a sound so great it rattled the windows and shook the doors. And something amazing happen...

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