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A Corporate Confession

On Sunday, July 10, our congregation prayed this corporate confession together. In confessing our sin, both individual and corporate, may we find freedom and forgiveness. In receiving God’s grace, may we find the joy and hope of transformation. And as we are made more like Christ, may we join the work of Christ, so that our world may be healed.

Gracious God, we your Church confess to you that we have sinned.

We have not loved you with our whole heart and mind and strength.

We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.

We have not given ourselves in love and service for the world as Christ gave himself for us.

You want us to share your abundant gifts with the poor, but we confess that we cling tightly to our possessions, our privilege, and our comfort.

You call us to proclaim good news to all people, but we have wasted our words and hidden Your light.

You have asked us to seek your kingdom of justice, mercy, and righteousness. But we confess that we often seek first our own kingdoms of power, convenience and self-indulgence.

You have shown us how to overcome evil with self-sacrificing love, but we confess that we still look for another way that is faster and easier.

Have mercy on us, Loving God. Cleanse us from our sin.

Your way, Jesus, is the only way through the mess of our lives and the mess of this world. Teach us, walk with us, show us how to walk your way.

Make holy your Church, oh God, so that your name is kept holy! Share with us what only you have, so that we can join you in doing what only you can do.

We pray this through Christ, our Reconciler and Redeemer. Amen.