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Praying the Beatitudes

During the season of Epiphany, our sermons have taken us through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. As a conclusion to the series, Pastor Michaele LaVigne offered this prayer at the end of service on February 16, 2020. 


Praying the Beatitudes

Jesus, you invite us into a new way of being that is life with you, in your Kingdom here and now. But we confess we are so used to life “as it is,” that we have trouble trusting your way and joining you in it.

We have always been told that the rich and powerful are blessed; but you say the poor and humble are the ones who receive your Kingdom. Please humble us, and give us the gift of seeing ourselves as you see us.

We want to be happy all the time, but you say those who mourn are blessed.  Help us, Lord, to mourn the sin in our hearts and the world around us, that we may know the joy of your healing.

We learn to be opportunistic to get ahead, and we value being well-fed and self-sufficient. Yet you, Jesus, tell us that it is the meek, the ones who let you lead, who will inherit the earth. And it is the ones who constantly hunger and thirst for justice who will be satisfied in the end.

So, even though it pains us to ask it – please free us from control so that you can lead us. Please Lord, make us truly and insatiably hungry and thirsty for things to be made right in the world.

Our systems bend toward vengeance, but you say it is the merciful who will receive the gift of mercy. Oh Jesus! Help us to truly know your mercy, so that we can be people of mercy.

Our hearts are divided up into little desires so that we spend all of our time and energy chasing things that hardly matter; but you say it is the ones who have a pure, single-desired heart who truly get to see God. Please grow in our hearts your desire, so that we may delight in seeing our one desire fulfilled. 

Oh Jesus, we confess that we care much more about not making waves than we care about making peace. And we resist persecution like the plague, because our own comfort is more important than your righteousness.  Forgive us, Holy One! Teach us to make peace as you have made peace, that we may be a blessing to the world. Give us your own courage, Christ, that we may not avoid or attack opposition, but meet it with love and acceptance.

Jesus, we could not live this blessed way without you. And yet we confess that we try to far too often. You have invited us to join your life, and we ask for the grace and the courage to take you up on your invitation.

We ask all these things, trusting that one we ask is infinitely more powerful and trustworthy than the ones who ask. And so we pray this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.