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Sherri Pat's 8th Street Dreams

Sherri Pat Rothwell

Easter is the season of God’s dreams coming true, and we are dreaming with him. Throughout the next five weeks, we are sharing our 8th Street Dreams – the dreams God has given us for the 8th Street building and our new neighborhood. Sherri Pat first shared his 8th Streets Dreams during our service on May 7, 2017.

My name is Sherri Pat Rothwell, I’m here because there is a knowing deep within my being that resonates “this is home”.

Let me begin by reading from my journal in 2011. It is July 25th, on motorcycles, on a journey.

“We are on a road trip. We pass a lot of the same things
over and over, churches and a lot of them. Church of the Servant,
Jehovah Witness, Church of Jesus Christ and on and on.
I think if I were to start a church, it would be like a
restaurant, really good food and an abundance of it.
My church would only say “church” on the building.
I would offer grace and love and humility, you know,
the Corinthians kind of things and lots of it.”

It was in 2013 when Chris Pollock allowed me to read his prospectus of the church plant in the Midtown area. I poured over the pages and as I read, I found myself captivated by the possibilities.

A few days later, I called and said, “I’m In.” Then we prayed and waited to see what God had for Paul, my husband, and me together. So....here we are, together, “Home”.

This is the part of our journey where we gather together and collectively tell “our” truth. When I was growing up in school, we played “red rover”. This is a game where we would form two opposing lines. Each line would link arms and hands to form the most solid link. Then, one person would yell out, “red rover red rover let Patti come over.” Patti would run as fast and hard as possible and hit the opposing line between what she perceived as the weakest link.

The point of that story for now is, please don’t let me be the weakest link. My dreams for this church are that there would be conversations that would draw us each into being more than we are, creating moments that have the potential to forever change the trajectory and direction from here forward!

We each create part of the foundation of this church.This is a sacred journey, a space in which I intend to know the true intent of my own heart. I want to see this from God”s perspective. The big picture is made up of sacred moments, and we are all part of these moments.It’s not the “big moment” of a dedication of a building that defines us. We are living in the vacuum of moments that have the potential to tell an amazing story.

I don’t intend to be swept away with the newest trend or new attraction of the day. I am listening for my own calling and purpose. When we listen and love without terms or conditions, there is a freedom that flows forth.

I have a vision beyond the beauty of the stained glass stories. It’s an outdoor kitchen with blenders and griddles and a coffee barista and grills with the deep breath aromas drifting throughout the neighborhood. It’s a drawing to us; 8th street church, to dine, to dance to a rhythm that feels different, yet familiar...Home. Oh Father, give us wisdom that allows us to care for this sacred place in our city.

Our most amazing parish group, hosted by Mark and Cheryl Pollock met at the 8th & Lee church on a Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago. We had pizza. We had opened the front doors of the church and two men from the area came in those doors and we had the opportunity to share our meal with them. We would like to call this “the first dinner on the grounds”. This is a place of gathering that causes us to drink in the deep disciplines of walking in relationship with our Father.

Excerpts from Psalms 119

“Give me clear direction.

Barricade the road that goes nowhere.
Grace me with your clear direction.

God, teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course.

Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets, invigorate me on the pilgrim way.

Affirm your promise to me - promises to all who fear you.

See how hungry I am for your council, preserve my life
through all your righteous ways.

With your very own hands you formed me, now breathe
your wisdom over me so I can understand you.

Keep my mind fixed on your council.

And let me live whole and holy, soul and body, so I can
always walk with my head held high.”

The corner stone and the building blocks are each of us. I’m in. I’m on board. I’m leaning in so that I may see and hear the visions and sounds of the moment.

Are we saving this small corner on 8th & Lee....or is our participation in this journey saving us?

Are you dreaming with us? Share your 8th Street Dreams by posting to Facebook or Instagram using #8thStreetDreams, or email Pastor Michaele at michaelelavigneokc@gmail.com or Pastor Chris at chrispollockokc@gmail.com.

While we are dreaming, we are also getting to work. The $1.7 million dollar project will begin mid-June, and our congregation members will be making their faith commitment to the project by the end of May. Our goal is to do this project debt-free, so that we can truly give this building as a gift to our city. We have already received $830,000 toward the project, and have a goal of $170,000 to come from the faith commitments of the congregation. The remainder will be raised from outside sources.

You can give online; make sure to mark your gift for "Midtown- 8th Street Project." You can also send cash or check to PO Box 76266, Oklahoma City, OK 73147. Contact Pastor Chris Pollock at chrispollockokc@gmail.com if you have questions about giving.