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Thoughts on Isaiah 11:1-10

During Advent we have invited the artists among us to help us experience what it means to live in a world made new. Katelyn Lamb shared this original poem during our service Sunday, December 4.

It’d be like a zoo with no walls
Or forgiveness without a pause.
It’ll be summer that never grows to fall
Or love given without a cause
It will be utter and mighty belonging for those
Who have spent their lives in the back rows,
Rightness and justice will finally meet the
Wrongly accused, ignorantly assumed, and selfishly used
It will be a time when the space between creatures
And after all the years of keeping our distance,
Of seeing grace meet only with resistance,
After worshipping separateness and the lines we draw
The walls we’ve built will at last fall.
Because when a little child can lead us all
And the wolf befriends the lamb,
There will be no more fear of man.
When nothing will hurt or destroy
When we quit viewing others as our toy
Then will we come in close
Nose to nose, intimately near
And I will hear you blink,
Feel your breath in my space
Because at last, freed from fear,
Apart from division, mistrust, religion, or race
Oh then animals, children, you, and me
Will be given eyes that can actually see
And we will look each other, look Christ,
Full in the face
And know that every waiting moment,
Every expectation, hopeful calculation,
Has come alive and come home
In this man, the lion and the lamb.
And yet the truth is that this radical day
Is both tomorrow and yesterday
It is today
It is in the way
You work
The way you look, feel, and talk,
Because this God, this one that changes it all,
Has come, is yet to come, and is already here
with mercy for the past,
And peace for the future,
We live into the entirely imperfect holiness of now.