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What I Love About My Church: part 1

Over the last several weeks, we have asked people to reflect on what our church has meant to them over the last year. Included on the blog today is one of the responses. Thanks to Corbyn and Joel Frees for being a significant members of our new community.

What has being a part of this new church community been like for you in the last year?

It has been better than we could have ever expected or prayed for. We longed for a church that cared not only for its congregation but also for its neighbors: the people that lived in the surrounding neighborhoods, the marginalized, the discriminated against, the voiceless, and many more. Being a part of this new church community has stretched us in areas that we didn’t even know we needed stretched. It has brought us out of our comfort zone, which we have learned is one of the greatest places to be [ex: serving on leadership team, serving on different serve teams, being a part of a parish group and actually having to be vulnerable and real, and much more]. Being a part of this new church community has spoken to the desires of our heart, as we care for local and national politics and social injustices that are occurring all around us. One of our favorite things is that we [as a church] don’t ignore these issues; rather, we have acknowledged them and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide us in the best ways in handling them/not tolerating them. In the last year, we have been emerged in intentionality - from pastoral care (groceries after honeymoon), to parish groups (location based), to fellow neighbors (seeing our congregation serve each other), to patient decision making. Overall, this new church community has allowed us to truly experience community in all of its essence and allowed us to live into the gifts the the Lord has given us, but also allowed us to grow spiritually.

Where have you seen good where you didn’t know it was going to be?

New relationships. After careful prayer, we decided to join this church plant project to better utilize our talents and desires for service in the community. What we didn’t seem to see coming along with it were the unexpected relationships. While our congregation still seems to lack in ethnic/racial diversity, we have found new friendships with young and old alike. Gay and Straight. Liberal and conservative. Our church family comes from many different backgrounds, from generational Nazarenes to new Christians. We are thankful for the friendships that we never expected. They are many. They are good. God made us for relationship, and that is what we have experienced more than anything else in this community.

Thanks for leading us,

Joel and Corbyn Frees