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What I Love about My Church:Part 2

Over the last several weeks, we have asked people to reflect on what our church has meant to them over the last year. Included on the blog today is one of the responses. Thanks to Mark & Bethany Rains for being significant members of our new community.

What has being a part of this new church community been like for you in the last year?

Being a part of this community has been such a blessing. It challenged us to build relationships with our neighbors and because of that, deepening our relationship with God. We really learned and came to believe that "we are better together". It challenged us to believe that people really are good... that we can have real relationships in the church. This leads us to make ourselves vulnerable, let down guards and build sincere relationships with one another. It's been so ... relaxing. Not relaxing in the lazy or passive sense of the word, but in that we can take comfort in others and enjoy it. To be apart of a church where so many people are in jobs where they're helping out the community is also encouraging and helps us to remember that as we're being filled up, we need to pour out God's love on others. Being a part of this community has helped us take the abstract thoughts and teachings and turn them into actions.

Where have you seen good where you didn't know it was going to be?

In people that go to church. I'm sure it's been there... but something just opened my eyes... probably because I'm dealing with the plank in my own?

What prayers have been answered before you even knew that you were supposed to even be praying for them?

We've struggled with the aforementioned items for several years now... we both had just about given up on going to church and finding it to be a safe place (not just for us, but mainly for the outside community). It felt that the church didn't care about anyone (especially people of any cor besides white) but themselves inside their walls. We were praying for God's guidance this last fall, after [friends] invited us to Midtown... we started praying after the invitation and didn't even realize God had a plan already for us to respond to.